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Gradual self sustainability, through natural progression and self interest.



My project does not differ much from other sustainable projects and although it is aimed at state policies its implementation can be done without them, this is a natural progression and self-interest will make it simpler to do so in time, as the technology becomes cheaper, which to a certain extent is already the case.

The idea is to create self-sustainable kits that can be extended upon and easily installed in houses and apartments, which will allow people to gradually attain sustainability in other words access to water, electricity and food, regardless of where they are located.

This can be done with current technology, but prices, availability, lack of knowledge or simple commodity stops them from being widely used, so the kits objective is to simplify its spread by simple economic reasons.

The kits would come on different sizes,  in the case of electricity specialized for the electronic it’s going to be used on and type of power,  in the case of food different size greenhouses.

The intention is that economic reasons, simplicity and self-interest will allow people to gradually attain self-sustainability, using this kits that can be expanded upon.



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