The Red Cat Project was oficially founded in 2014, it functions as the holding company for several interlinked projects, with different goals, they are separated in news/information, digital simulations and prototype systems with different applications.
It was created due to the RCP Systema prototypes repercussions, legal, cutlural and entertanment, however  when put together they form a straight line of  geopolitical changes right to a philosophical idea.
This is due mainly due to an Independand and simplistic AI, requiring only a loaded map, a targeting system and a power source to plot a course, set a timer, and communication between them after that  or anything else can be added, increasing the complexity of the system and allowing them to function in land, sea or air.
The secondary reason its new weapons that lower the effectovness of aircraft and missile systems, thus changing how wars were fought.
The weapons were developed by Victorico H. Spinoso at different times between 2008/ 2009 eventualy a fictional city based on the worst case sceneario, it was  unnoficialy published in 2011.
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Project Manager/Design Manager



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